I love Easter. I have plenty of good memories around this holiday. It always brings surprises and unexpected events.

I remember one year when I was about 8 it snowed so much that all us kids flooded the streets with skis and sledges. It was magical.

A few years later my parents and I travelled 400 miles to surprise my great-grandmother. She was almost 100 years old and she couldn’t contain her joy.

When I was about 20 it was so warm and sunny that my friends and I drove to the beach. We spend the day sunbathing and swimming in the sea, and came back home in the evening sunburned but happy.

A couple of years ago, in 2014, just before the Easter break, Diego and I were told of a possible match with a child. We saw a picture of Ben, and we knew our lives were about to change forever.

This year Easter didn’t fail to surprise me.

We had some much needed family time. Diego is working till late most evenings, and it seems like we never have the chance to enjoy each other’s company without been pressured by the clock ticking, the departure of a train, or the next appointment due too soon.

This Easter we didn’t really planned anything special, having time to spend together was what made this break remarkable. Ben has been in a very good mood, no tantrums or fights. He’s experimenting much more with language now, and it can be very funny, mostly when he says something out of context or inappropriate.

Diego and I had time to talk about us and how we feel. We came to the conclusion that we are not too happy with the life we are living now. We love each other, we adore Ben, and we treasure our family. Adopting Ben changed us more than we thought it would. The way we are living now it’s not enough any more, we feel we need to give purpose to our lives, to drop what we don’t like in favour of something more fulfilling.

We need to stop and start again.

We are still in the early stages of planning our new life, and more details will follow. For now, we are gathering information to help us understand how far we can push ourselves. It’s exciting, one of the few moments in which both of us came independently to the same conclusion. I normally over-worry, and prepare for the worst, but I’m feeling positive this time. It can be done. We can build a new life.

One first step in that direction is to transform this blog into our family blog, written by both Diego and myself. After all we are on this together, and the story of our family deserves to be told by the both of us. And it might turn out to be a nice reading as well: on one side there is me, passionate and instinctive, on the other side there is Diego, analytic and rational.

A second bigger step is to find a new place where to live. At the moment we are thinking somewhere around Edinburgh, but we are open to suggestions.

If you’re reading this post and know of somewhere nice and peaceful, get in contact with us. We might have few questions you could help answering.

Happy Easter everyone.

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