The Adoption and Fostering Weekly Roundup is a collection of blog articles related to the topics of foster care, adoption, and parenting, to which anyone can contribute by submitting their own nominations.

The roundup is also a great resource to find the best articles around, chosen by parents (or parents to be) like you.

How does it work?

You can add your favourite blog posts to the weekly roundup by submitting a nomination.

Submitting a nomination is simple:

  1. Copy the address of the blog post you want to nominate
  2. Visit the page
  3. Click on the “Nominate a post” button
  4. Enter your email and the paste the address of the blog post you intend to nominate
  5. Click on the “Submit” button

Every Sunday at midnight the list is emptied to make space to a new roundup for the following week.

On Monday, we publish a new page listing the first 5 articles with the most nominations. These articles will also be included in our weekly newsletter, which is normally sent out on Tuesday.


Why do I have to enter my email?
Your email is used to avoid duplicate entries in the roundup. Your email will never be displayed on the site, or shared with any third party.

Do I need to subscribe to the newsletter to nominate a post?
No, there is no need to subscribe to nominate a post, although if you do, you’ll receive the results of the roundup directly in your inbox every week. Your email is still required to identify your vote, but it won’t be published or used for any other purpose.

The post I have nominated does not show up in the list?
The roundup lists articles by the number of nominations they received, with the 20 articles with the most nominations on top. It is possible for the article you have nominated not to appear in the list until it has not received more nominations. Don’t worry tho, each nomination counts towards the final top 5.

In what way is the roundup different to other linkys?
In linkys articles are typically added by their author, while anyone can add an article to the roundup. In our roundup, articles are ordered by popularity. When the same article is nominated by more than one person, it increases its ranking in the list.

Can I add my own blogs post?
Why not? Adding your new post to the roundup gives it the chance to reach more people, and if others nominate it too, it might make it into the that week’s top 5.

My post didn’t make the top 5 list this week, can I add it again next week?
Yes. Every Monday the roundup is emptied, and all nomination will be accepted. So, if your favourite article didn’t reach the top 5 last week, you can always give it another chance.

When I try to add a post to the roundup I get a white page
Oh dear, that’s embarrassing. That really shouldn’t happen, but if it does, please let us know which page you intended to add using the contact page.

This week’s roundup contains an inappropriate link. How do I flag it?
We do our best to monitor the content of the roundup, but if you find any entry unsuitable, please contact us using this page, and leave details. If inappropriate, the entry will be removed immediately.

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