I must have started my first contact letter dozens of times, and never got further than a few sentences in, before scrapping it and start again.

I remember agreeing to letterbox although it didn’t mean very much to me. I accepted it as part of the adoption process, and the process is so convoluted that accepting to write a couple of letters a year seemed like a small concession to make. But when it came down to write my first letter, I finally understood the real meaning of writer’s block.

It’s hard to write to your child’s birth relatives, whom you know so little about, more so if you believe it’s your duty to impress them. I made it to the end of that first contact letter, and many more after that, and realised it didn’t need to be so difficult.

So, I put together a small guide called “The Adoption Letterbox Booklet”, based on my own experience of contact letter, in the hope that it might help others.

The Adoption Letterbox Booklet

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