The Adoption & Fostering Weekly Roundup has been great fun. It was a bit of an experiment for this site: an ambitious attempt to create a useful resource of articles about adoption and fostering.

The roundup fully deserves a badge for the success it has had so far, and a really special one.

We didn’t want for the roundup badge to be another pretty image on a page. If it had to take up space on other people’s websites, it had to be useful too.

Well, this is what we came up with:

Adding the badge to your website is easy to do too, and on this page, I’ll explain how to do just that.

This part is important

Please note that there is absolutely no need to include the badge on your site to take part in the roundup, so don’t feel like you have to, but adding the badge on your site might help getting more votes. Before you make your mind up, have a look at what it can do first.

By the way, the animation is totally optional, you can switch it off if you hate it. 🙂

Pushing buttons

The roundup badge is another way to let your readers show their appreciation for your work. If they love one of your articles, they can choose to enter their email in the textbox in the middle of the badge, and hit the thumbs-up button. As they do so, a new vote for the post is added to the currently running roundup, which pushes your post closer to the top of the list.

It gets better. The badge also stores an encrypted version of the email entered by the visitor so that, at their next visit, all they’ll have to do to vote is to push a button. One click vote.

The badge editor

The badge can be adapted to suit the style and layout of your site, but explaining how to do that manually is a little complicated. That’s why I’ve put together the form below, so that you can use it to tweak the badge to your liking.

Please note, imposes harsh limits on what can be included on their pages. For that reason, it is not possible to include the animation and interactive features of the badge. All that needs to be replace with a static image. However, even within this constraints, it still manages to be a very functional badge. Clicking on the image navigates to the roundup page, automatically opens the vote form, and prefills the URL field with the address of the page of your site. All the user has to do is fill in the email field and click on the vote button.

The editor displays much better on bigger screens 😉
Host solution
The service on which your site runs.

WordPress (self hosted)


The size of the badge

Big (250px)

Medium (225px)

Small (200px)



The horizontal justification of the badge.




Change the aspect and behaviour of the badge.

Enable animation




Once you are happy with your badge, click on the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the code of the badge at the end of your articles, or as part of the site sidebar. The same code can be reused for any article you publish, no need to create a badge from scratch.

If you need any help with adding the badge to your site, get in contact with us using the contact page on this site.

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