The results of the first roundup of the year 2017 are in, and it couldn’t have started better.

This last roundup has seen a lot of firsts. For the first time ever we had 30 nominations by the end of the week (and so many great ones), countless votes, and that’s not all. Two of the top five slots of the roundup were taken from the same website, and to end it all, we add a last-minute nomination in the last few hours of the Sunday evening, just before the roundup reset.

Minor amendments

That led to a few minor amendments to the rules. In case one website occupies multiple positions at the top of the roundup, only the entry with the most votes will be considered. And finally, any entry added in the last 24 hours of the roundup will be relisted the following week, to give them a fair chance to soar to the top.

Join me in congratulating the authors who made it into this week’s top 5 list, and a huge thank you to anyone who took part.

If you are new to our roundup and want to know more, have a look at this page.

This week top 5

Did you know? a new roundup is always on. You can visit this week roundup, or add new article to it.

You can now add the roundup badge to your website and make it even easier for your readers to vote for you.

You can find all the details on how to do that on this page.

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