A few weeks ago, I was on Facebook and I came across this positive, smiling, inspirational guy: James Poindexter III.

James now lives in California, but he was born in the Bronx. When he was 10, his birth parents abandoned him. Before the age of 15, he moved over twenty times from home to home and attended 11 different schools. As it often happens to older children in care, James eventually aged out of the system.

James didn’t let a hard start in life holding him back. His winning mindset saw him succeed in many different fields. James is a World martial arts champion, a successful motivational speaker, a published author, a mentor for teens who are about to age out of the system, a trainer for parents on how to build loving relationships with their teens, a foster carer, and a family man.

James wrote a fantastic book called “Your Amazing Itty Bitty® – Foster & Adoptive Parent Guide”. The book contains 15 key steps to successfully connect with fostered and adopted teens. It’s an easy to read and straightforward guide to help foster and adoptive parents in managing the challenging behaviors of their teens. Best thing, it’s written by James, who is a former foster child, and includes tips given by other former foster teens who have lived through the process and learned from it.

I’ll leave you with a little preview of “Your Amazing Itty Bitty®”:

Step 12

Don’t Judge Me Because Of My Behavior

You may see us act very differently from the way you might act in a situation. You must not judge us for this.

Remember that our past is far different from yours so we will react differently than you do. We may only know how to react to a situation in a certain way and if you show us a better way we can change. This is a better model than simply judging.

It is possible that you could learn a thing or two from our behavior. Use this as a learning experience instead of judging. We are a product of our environment. We are in your environment now so help us improve. It is always good to put yourself in our shoes. This way you might understand us better.

You can reach out to James on Twitter @FosterChampion or via his personal site http://jameshpoindexter.com/

Your Amazing Itty Bitty®

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