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Welcome to Full Time Tired

Full Time Tired is a blog written by us, Laura and Diego Boccaleone, a couple from Italy who moved to the UK in and around the year 2000. We are the adoptive and proud parents of our son Ben, the little bundle of joy who arrived to shake up our lives in 2014. And just a couple of years later, we become a foster family.

Full Time Tired is about our experience as an adoptive and foster family. We write about our struggles and occasionally our successes as parents, we review books, interview interesting people, invite guest posts, and produce some nifty “home-made” downloadable resources, which you can download here.

Many know the site for its link-up page, called the Adoption & Fostering Weekly Roundup, which every week collects the best posts and articles from around the Internet on the many different aspects of adoption and fostering, submitted by authors and their readers. This is a wonderful page where bloggers are welcomed to share their stories, and where everyone can discover more about the confusing world of adoption and fostering.

If you would like to keep up to date with our family adventures, we can drop you a weekly email and tell you all our news.

All names on this blog, including our own, have been changed in order to protect the identity of the people involved.

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